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Click Here for Online Child Support Calculator

Utah has what are known as "Child Support Guidelines" that the courts use in calculating a parent's monthly base child support obligation.

To learn what your and your spouse's child support obligations might be, you can use this child support calculator (click here for the child support calculator page). Just follow (carefully, so you get a correct figure) the instructions given for the child custody situation you are considering.

To use the child support calculator, you will need to know the gross monthly income (not net or take home pay, but gross income, before taxes and without any deductions) for you and for your spouse (if your spouse does not work, but is capable of working, you may want to use $1,257 as an imputed income; $1,257 is equal to a monthly income working full-time at the federal minimum wage).

What your and your spouse's respective child support obligations will be depends upon not only your incomes, but upon what kind of child custody arrangement you have. Use the child support calculation associated with the child custody arrangement you have or want.

For more detailed information regarding Child Support, click here.

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