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Join us the 3rd weekend of every month for a 2-day, 2-night, start to finish, do it yourself self divorce workshop at Snowbird Resort.

Book medium Utah DIY Divorce WorkshopJoin our do-it-yourself divorce workshop. Complete all the forms you need to file your divorce action in a weekend! In a resort setting (spa, pool, hiking, food and lodging all included). Get personal, detailed instruction from a lawyer. Learn the divorce process, how to make informed decisions, and how to succeed.

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Meet with a divorce lawyer over your lunch hour to discuss your concerns and answer your personal divorce and family law questions. We contact you to pick a restaurant near our office that you like, send you a lunch menu, and place your lunch order in advance (that way we can focus on talking over lunch instead of waiting for lunch). You were going to lunch anyway, so we make it easy for you to meet with a lawyer at your convenience.

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Get answers at the webinar

Get Answers At The Webinar

Our Divorce Law Webinar will teach you how to prepare to face divorce issues, including property and debt division, alimony, child custody, child support, and more.

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Free attorney advice

Free attorney advice

Get answers from Utah Family Law, LC’s attorneys and learn from others who have been through the process by becoming a member of Utah’s largest divorce forum.

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DIY Divorce Online

DIY Divorce Online

Take control of your case with Utah Family Law Online. Unlimited attorney access, legal form templates, and a form builder for a low monthly fee.

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Child Support Calculator

Child Support Calculator

Determine child support obligations according to the 2015 NC guidelines by answering a few simple questions about income and custody.

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Alimony Calculator

Alimony Calculator

Estimate alimony payments based on income and length of marriage by comparing formulas from several jurisdictions.

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Real Life Stories

Real Life Stories

Hear from people who have moved forward with their lives after divorce. Learn how their outlook has changed throughout the process.

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Black and white, plain and simple. We really mean that here at Utah Family Law, LC. What you normally hear about divorce and family law is all over the map–even when you hear it from lawyers.

We know all the reasons you don’t trust divorce lawyers, and we don’t blame you. We deal with divorce lawyers every day, and we don’t like or trust most of them either. Divorce is bad enough without having anywhere to turn for short, clear explanations and truly helpful advice. Your lawyer is supposed to make things better, not add to your troubles.

We freely share the knowledge other lawyers withhold. We don’t play on your fears or exploit your ignorance and confusion for our gain. Instead, we educate and inform. We explain and advise. We do what we’d want done for ourselves, if we were in your shoes.

We charge fixed fees, not by the hour. Only we offer the no questions asked money back satisfaction guarantee. We are aggressively fair and reasonable for our clients.

We do a lot of things that most attorneys have never thought to do. Or are too afraid or too lazy to do. We don’t make a lot of friends among divorce attorneys, and that’s fine by us. We don’t want those kinds of friends. We work for you, not other lawyers. We don’t settle for mediocrity, and neither should you.

Utah divorce and family law is all we do. And we do it very well. We literally wrote the book on Family Law in Utah. We’re not bragging, we’re giving you the assurance you crave right now, when it feels like the world is crumbling under your feet. Let us help you rebuild the happy life that you deserve.

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Our YouTube Channel has several informative videos where we cover some basic questions, introduce our DIY Divorce Workshop, testimonials, and more.

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