When Is a Penny Saved a Penny Wasted?

Divorce carries with it consequences that could go on for years for those you care about the most (and that includes you!). Still, you feel the need to “save money” on your divorce. “Save money” means different things to different people, and there are oh so many tempting ways to “save”; some wise, some foolish.

Fill in the blank forms. Guidebooks. $500 quickie divorce lawyers.

Deep down you know that if these things worked well they wouldn’t be that cheap in the first place.

“And hey,” you lie to yourself, “maybe my case is special.” You lie to yourself. It’s comforting.

“Maybe I don’t need a lawyer.” Truth be told, in some cases one does not need a lawyer, but not in most cases. Deep down, you know this.

If you knew you really didn’t need an attorney, then you wouldn’t worry over whether you can afford one.

Take heart.

Even when it costs more than the cheap alternative, you never regret paying for quality and paying for value. Never.

Ever. “What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives everything its value.” (Thomas Paine)

If a case truly is simple and uncontested, then it shouldn’t be expensive for a good (not just any) attorney to handle what you need an attorney to handle to ensure everything is done and done right, the first time.

Don’t make a penny “saved” a penny wasted. Find out if you need a lawyer. Spend the time, and a little bit of money, to see just how much legal help from a professional you may need.

One of the best ways to start is by meeting with an attorney from our office over lunch. For a discounted rate of $100 you get an hour of the attorney’s time over lunch, and will pick up the tab for the meal. Everybody goes to lunch. Meeting with an attorney over lunch won’t take time out of your workday. You won’t have to explain to anybody where you are. Meeting with an attorney over lunch is more relaxed and takes a lot of the anxiety out of talking about your legal concerns. To schedule lunch with a lawyer, give us a call at 801-466-9277.


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