One of The Reasons Why You See CPS Claim That “False Allegations of Rape and Domestic Violence Are Rare”

It was in March of 2013, when I read this article, “False allegations of rape and domestic violence are rare, according to CPS” that I understood why certain people make such false and intelligence-insulting claims.

It dawned on me finally when I was watching one of those exposé TV shows about an innocent man convicted and sentenced to prison, only to be freed 20 years later when the truth come to light.

In typical TV journalism show fashion, the ashen-faced prosecutor is set down in front of the cameras and asked essentially, “Now that it’s clear that Mr. X did not commit the crime and was falsely imprisoned, do you still think he’s guilty?” The poor prosecutor, appearing about as comfortable as if he or she had just sat down on a broomstick, looks into the camera and says, “I am still convinced that Mr. X is still guilty.” For years, as this TV journalism trope repeated itself, I would think to myself, “What a stupid question,” and then wonder, “How can that prosecutor tell such an obvious lie?” I wrestled with this question (perhaps longer than most of you, if you see the punch line coming) and finally understood: the prosecutor had no choice.

Imagine what would happen if the prosecutor told the truth and said, “Yeah, the evidence is conclusive; we got it wrong. Mr. X is clearly innocent, no question about it.” The courts would at best be flooded with appeals from every man that prosecutor ever put away. At worst, that prosecutor might be discovered floating face down in a river somewhere.
So does it come as surprise to anybody when CPS (Child Protective Services), whose job it is to protect children from child abusers (and whose budget grows in proportion to the number of “guilty” people they root out), would claim that everyone they deem to be an abuser is in fact guilty?

And does it come as any surprise to anybody that CPS, never wishing to appear weak or flawed for prone to error, would assert anything other than, “False allegations of rape and domestic violence are rare”?

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