Equally Yoked Doesn’t Decrease Your Freedom, it Multiplies Your Power

I recently read advice from a man I follow for a lot of good advice that I follow. He was recently asked a question about what do if you and your spouse have conflicting beliefs about money and how to spend and manage it. His advice for these kinds of spouses? Each of you earn your own money, have your own banking accounts, and share payment of joint expenses. He said that this gives both of you the freedom to do what each of you wants. True, but is also deprives you of other things you want too.

What about the principle of being equally yoked? If I remember the story correctly, (you may have heard it too), one plough horse can pull X number of pounds, but two horses yoked together can pull not 2X, but 3X, and if they train together they can do much better; not just 4X but 8X. Wouldn’t going in separate directions from a spouse financially be a cop out, if you don’t at least try first to address and resolve your differences over money and then pull together? And if you separate financially, you can’t help but separate emotionally too (I’m a divorce lawyer, I know).


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