Why It’s Rarely Any Fun to Watch Real (and real good) Attorneys Work

This blog post inspired by (and heavily paraphrases) a blog posting by attorney David M. Ward. Here’s the link to his post

You know how much fun it is to watch certain kinds of work. Watching a big crane operated, the strange trucks and machinery they use to pave the streets, the sights and sounds of bulldozers, of nails being hammered, wood being sawed, trucks backing up and dumping fill dirt. I still love watching people do their jobs, and not just construction. I love to see them do what they do with precision and confidence, like they’ve done it so many times before. Wouldn’t it be great if people loved watching lawyers do their job? Unfortunately, they don’t. People expect lawyers to do what they see depicted on TV. The reality, of course, is very different. Nobody wants to see a lawyer draft a letter or prepare someone for a deposition. Nobody wants to watch you read case law, stroke your beard, and look at the ceiling while you think about the issues in a case. Yet this is where the—if I may say so without you laughing to loudly—magic happens. Still, if you need your lawyer to make things interesting while still remaining true to life, ask your lawyer to tell you true life work-related stories. The stories don’t need to be exciting or very long. They just need to show people what lawyers do for the benefit of their clients. Rather than tell people how the sausage is made, give them a sample of your finest salami and bratwurst. That’s what your clients came for.

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