What if my ex will not give me his new address?

Question: What can I do if my ex-husband will not give me his new address?

Question Detail: My daughter visits him and he just moved in October and refuses to give his new address. She is supposed to travel there next month.

Good question.

As it pertains to Utah law, I can find no authority in the Utah Code that requires a divorced parent to provide his/her ex-spouse with his/her address or with notice any time he/she changes addresses.

You may hear someone quote this section of the Utah Code or show you this section:

30-3-33.  Advisory guidelines.

In addition to the parent-time schedules provided in Sections 30-3-35 and 30-3-35.5, the following advisory guidelines are suggested to govern all parent-time arrangements between parents.

*****     (13) Each parent shall provide the other with the parent’s current address and telephone number, email address, and other virtual parent-time access information within 24 hours of any change.

But notice: Section 30-3-33 consists of “advisory guidelines” that are “suggested,” not mandated.

So unless your Decree of Divorce contains a provision that requires you and your ex to provide each other with your respective address and any changes in address, your ex is under no obligation to provide you with his/her address. But that does not mean you cannot find your ex’s new address fairly easily.

Because your daughter visits your ex’s residence, just ask her what the address is (assuming there is no order prohibiting you from doing so, and no danger to the child in doing so). If you can’t find his address by conducting a simply Internet search, Many companies and services on Internet will conduct a search for you for a nominal fee. If your ex has managed to stay hidden from them, a private investigator can probably find him, although you’ll pay a bit more for that service. Finally, if you can convince the court that you or your children have a compelling need to know your ex’s address (such as the fact that he has recently moved, your daughter is scheduled to go visit him there, and you don’t know where she’s going), you can file a motion with the court to seek that very thing. The court may or may not consider your request reasonable or compelling enough to order your ex to disclose his new address, but it can’t hurt to try.

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