Can I get arrested if I go and try to trace my child?

Can I get arrested if I go and try to trace my child?

The child is born to her French mother in Lyon, France. It has been two months and she is not giving me any access. Will the cops arrest me if I go directly to her house or her brother in law’s house?

I have no understanding of French law, but if it’s the same as Utah law, merely going to the house where the child is located and politely asking to see your daughter is not a crime, ALTHOUGH there’s nothing to prevent the mother from CLAIMING that you did not politely go the door and ask to see your daughter, but INSTEAD “pounded” (always pounded, when it’s your adversary’s door) on the door and “bellowed” that you “demanded” (always, always demanded—the term “asked” or “requested” doesn’t exist in your adversary’s vocabulary) not merely a brief visit but all kinds of “unreasonable concessions”. Forewarned is forearmed. If it’s legal to make a hidden camera video or a hidden mic audio recording of your efforts, do it. Because if law enforcement is called and it comes down to your word against the other’s, odds are your word won’t be believed.

I hope the mother and you can do as each of you would be done by and treat each other kindly for both the sake of the child and yourselves, but if just one of the both of you can’t, you have a tough row to hoe before you.

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