Do I Need a Good Reason to Change My Name Legally?

Do I need a good reason to change my name legally?

In Utah, where I practice, you don’t have to have any particular reason for seeking a name change.

You can ask the court to change your first name, middle name, last name, or change everything to something new.

You could choose a completely new name that you’ve never had before, as long as you don’t choose a name that’s bizarre, unduly lengthy, ridiculous, or offensive to common decency and good taste, and as long as you’re not seeking a name change to avoid creditors, fines, or sentences in criminal actions, for an unworthy motive, or to commit fraud).

If you are divorcing you can ask the court to change your name as part of the divorce action without having to file a separate court action or having to pay a separate filing fee.
The laws in Utah governing a name change are found here: Utah Code Title 42, Chapter 1

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