Can you ask an attorney for an overcharge refund?

Can you ask an attorney for an overcharge refund?

You are absolutely entitled to a refund if your lawyer overcharged you.

But what do you mean by “overcharged”?

Do you mean that the lawyer charged you more than you and the lawyer agreed to charge? A billing error? Something like that? Then of course you are entitled to a refund. Just bring the overcharge to the attorney’s attention and your attorney should cheerfully refund your money.

Or do you mean that you feel the lawyer overcharged you? Then that’s an entirely different situation. If you and your lawyer disagree over a charge, you as a client are not entitled to demand whatever refund you desire. If you can persuade the attorney that his/her fee(s) is/are unreasonable and that you should receive a partial or full refund, then the attorney should give you a reasonable refund.

If your attorney is unreasonable, a crook or both, however, if your attorney clearly owes you a refund but won’t voluntarily give you a refund, then you can take the matter up with the bar association and/or sue the attorney in an effort to recover the refund. That doesn’t guarantee a refund, but it is a possible way to obtain a refund.

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