Divorce is on the horizon for my parents. What do I do?

Mom is treating Dad so bad that I think a divorce is on the horizon. Nobody is supportive. What do I do as a son?

Love and support your parents, both of them. Even if your mother is mistreating your father, she is still worthy of love on some level as your mother.

Let your father fight his own battles, unless and until he reaches out to you for help. If he does, give him the help you can and should give him in good conscience. No more, no less. Don’t give in to the temptation to help Dad fight dirty if Mom fights dirty; if you do, you will regret it later.

Feel free to share with your parents the sentiments expressed above. Let them know that because they are adults and because their marriage/divorce is their business and not yours that you don’t intend insinuate yourself in any divorce proceedings between them unless you feel morally or legally compelled to do so. Let them know that you will not lie or cheat to help one or the other. Tell them that you don’t want their behavior in divorce to give you any reason to love either one any less.

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