What if I Can’t Afford a Divorce Lawyer?

What should someone who is disabled do, if they’re being taken to court by ex, to terminate their alimony, and, they don’t qualify for SSD?

I’m not sure I understand your question, but if you are stating that your ex-husband is trying to terminate his alimony obligation to you and that you cannot afford an attorney to defend yourself, there is the option open to you to represent yourself (which is referred to in legal terms as representation pro se or representation pro per). The internet is making representing yourself effectively easier and easier (so much easier that attorneys are scared, but I digress). It’s still hard, and it’s not as though a DIY legal defense is of the same quality as what a skilled, experienced attorney can provide, but never has it been easier to learn the process and defend yourself than now because so much knowledge and help is available online.

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