Who has rights to custody of children after divorce, the mother or father?

Who has more rights to claim the custody of their child after divorce, a mother or father?

The answer the legal profession wants you to believe and that the law ostensibly posits: neither parent has more right to another to the custody of children after divorce.

The answer drawn from reality: the mother.

Note, however, that the belief that mothers are somehow better parents than fathers and thus presumed to be the best custodial parent is slowly, but surely deteriorating. People are realizing that when a child has two fit, loving parents, “the best parent” is both parents.

Not all mothers see child custody as a zero-sum game, but if you find yourself confronted with a “two against one” battle over custody between you, the mother, and the court, call out the partiality, the prejudice, the bias and the illegality.

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