Why You Feel Uncomfortable Paying a Lawyer by the Hour (it’s not your fault)

Why You Feel Uncomfortable Paying a Lawyer by the Hour (it’s not your fault)

I do not bill by the hour. Letting your lawyer bill you by the hour is handing your lawyer a blank check. You do not pay for your lawyer’s time, you pay for your lawyer’s help.

Here is an excerpt from a blog posting by David Neagle that explains the flaw in billing by the hour as well as anything I’ve come across:

Do you charge for your time?

Here’s the truth… exchanging time for money is a middle class value.

A VERY high percentage.

But if you’re in a business that sells results, it makes NO sense to charge by the hour.

There are a several things that are required to shift this:

1) You need to make a firm decision that you are changing your pricing structure.

2) You need to be committed and disciplined that no matter what, you will not offer your hourly rate to ANYONE

3) You need to focus your marketing efforts on the “right” prospects and clients.

4) You need to hone your sales skill so that you can accurately convey the value of the result you are going to provide.

Just a word of caution here.

Your mind will try to convince you of ALL the reason this won’t work.

And it’s a lie.

It will work if you will step into your worth and demand your success.

Do not waffle. Stay firm in your pricing.

And you’ll be surprised how fast your bank account will grow.

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