What can I do if my child’s mother is keeping her away from me because she has a CPO against me for an unproven accusation even though I have majority physical custody and sole legal custody?

If the CPO (child protective order) against you does not award custody of the child to your ex, then I second the answer of Michael Smith in this thread:

You can simply call the police. Inform them that there is a protection order and that you have custody of the child and you want your child back. They can assist in making the exchange. Something like this happened with me.

Basically, what they will do is contact her. Ask her if she is willing to do the exchange and they may inform her that if she does not, they will more than likely end up as witnesses against her for violating the custody order.

So, if she agrees, great. If she does not, Mr. Police officer can serve as your first witness for contempt of court against her.

If the CPO against you DOES award custody of the child to your ex, then you need to focus on getting the CPO dismissed.

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