Why do we allow attorneys to profit from the harm of children?

Look, I love you, brother, but this isn’t really a question, it’s a lame lament, and I will show you why.

First, there are plenty of horrible lawyers out there who shamelessly exploit innocence and misery for their gain, but that doesn’t inexorably mean that lawyers profit from harming children. I’m the last guy who will praise lawyers[1] (and I am one myself), but your complaint that “attorneys profit from the harm of children” rests of several false assumptions.

Second, no parent involved in a child custody dispute must hire a lawyer. No law requires you to hire a lawyer to represent or assist you in your child custody dispute. You can go through the custody case representing yourself, all the while never utilizing the services of a lawyer.

Third, with rare exception the fight over child custody is what harms children, not merely the involvement of an attorney or attorneys in the fight.

Fourth (and also with rare exception), studying to ace a test is hard, effective exercise is tiring, high quality usually commands a commensurate price, etc. No pain, no gain is true of most child custody disputes. A defensive war can be devastating, but where the foe is bent on your destruction, the war must be fought before things can or will ever get better. Blaming the soldiers for the miseries of war is grossly unfair.

Fifth, if you find yourself in a custody battle and you’re on the side of the angels, yet outmanned and outgunned, the help of a good attorney can be the difference between victory and defeat. That kind of servant is worthy of his hire.

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[1] After 21 years in practice, I could not honestly defend every (or even a lot of) divorce and family lawyers as paragons of any virtue. There are good, honest, industrious, decent people who are also divorce lawyers, but they are harder to find than they should be.

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