Proposed Amendments to the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure – Comment Period Closes July 19, 2018

Amendments to the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure have been proposed. The comment period closes July 19, 2018. If you want to comment, you can. Just click here:…/rules-of-civil-procedure…/

Rules of Civil Procedure – Comment Period Closes July 19, 2018

URCP Rule 109 (this would be a new rule).

Automatic injunction in certain domestic relations cases. New. Provides that in certain domestic relations cases, an automatic injunction will enter upon the filing of the case. Its provisions address areas such as disposing of property, disturbing the peace of the other party, committing domestic violence, using the other party’s identification to obtain credit, interfering with telephone or utility service, modifying insurance, and behavior around the minor children. The injunction is binding on the petitioner upon filing the initial petition and on the respondent after the filing of the initial petition and upon receipt of a signed copy of the injunction.

URCP Rule 5

Service and filing of pleadings and other papers. Amend. Paragraph (b)(3)(B) is amended to remove the requirement that a person must agree to accept service by email in order to be served by email. If a person provides an email address pursuant to Rule 10(a)(3) or Rule 76, the person may be served Rule 5 papers at that address.

If you ask me, these are both welcome changes to the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure.

Rule 5 simply brings the rules into harmony with modernity, and this will cut down on wasted time and money.

Rule 109 They will cut down on wastes of time and money on the part of the divorcing parties. This appears to be in part modeled after the California Family Codes “Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders (ATROS)”, so it’s not as though this is a weird or untested innovation.

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