My boyfriend wants to adopt my son, but my son doesn’t want to be adopted.

How should I respond to a boyfriend that is determined to adopt my child if we marry even though the father pays child support and the child seems stressed by the idea of effectively changing fathers despite really liking my boyfriend?

First, it’s good that he is willing to adopt your son (as opposed to seeing him as an annoyance), even though it’s bad that he wants to take the boy from his biological father.

So how do you respond?

You stand firm and tell your boyfriend:

  • that the father of your child A) has rights parental that your boyfriend does not have; and B) rights to the child that are stronger than the rights (if any) the boyfriend would have as a stepfather.
  • that if the child does not want to be adopted because he already has a responsible father that he knows and loves, then no judge is going to grant a petition for the boy to be adopted by someone else.

You tell your boyfriend that the best way he can foster and maintain a relationship that is mutually beneficial for him and the boy alike is to support the boy’s relationship with his loving, responsible, biological dad. The son’s respect for you will grow because of the respect you have for him and for his relationship with his father.

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