How do I make sure my ex stays away with the protective order in place?

How do I make sure my ex stays away with the protective order placed by the DA (district attorney) from DV (domestic violence) on his part?

Stay away from him. Look over your shoulder. Sleep with one eye open.

In some towns, the police or sheriff may enforce the protective order vigilantly and arrest him for violating the protective order. In others, the police/sheriff may take a lax approach to enforcement. But even if the police/sheriff really want to help you, you know what they say: when seconds count the police are just minutes away.

The courts are similar. Some courts will enforce harshly enough that your ex may conclude that it’s better to comply with the protective order than to violate it. Other courts take the “If you violate the protective order a dozen more times, there’ll be hell to pay!” approach, and your ex will quickly realize that that particular court is either powerless or afraid to exercise it’s power of enforcement.

You have to protect yourself. How? 1) Hide; and 2) and get and learn how to use a gun, so that if he does hunt you down and tries to hurt you again, you can shoot him in self-defense.

Not fair to have to hide when you’ve done nothing to deserve it? True. But that’s life. Not fair to have to get a gun when you’re opposed to violence/guns? Yes. But that’s life too. If you refuse to hide and defend yourself, you leave your safety in someone else’s hands, and leaving your safety in someone else’s hands is a risk I would not choose to take, if I had the choice.

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