My list of YouTube videos I like best on successful depositions

Here it is: my list of YouTube videos that I like best on how to identify, prepare for, and give a successful deposition.

#1 Attorney Richard LaGarde has spent over thirty-five years preparing witnesses for their depositions. During his long and successful career he has seen just about every possible trick used by lawyers in depositions and nearly every mistake that can be made by a witness.  He created this series of seven short videos to prepare his clients for their depositions.  He decided to share his tips with the general public because everyone should know how to give a great deposition.  If his tips are helpful to you, please leave a nice review on YouTube. See the entire free series of Mr. LaGarde’s seven deposition videos at this link (click here)

or click here:

Here are more gems below. Some videos are older than others, and production values vary, but don’t judge a book by its cover.

You’ll notice a lot of this great advice repeats itself. That’s not an accident. Clients who aren’t prepared and who don’t understand what a deposition is and is not usually perform awfully at depositions (ignore this advice at your peril):

Four Rules of Answering [deposition] Questions

6 Tips to Give a Great Deposition (by Matt Eason)

Preparing for a Deposition in a Business Case (the advice is still very good and very applicable for cases other than just a business case)

7 Deposition Tips from Brigham Cluff

Why Do I Have to Give a Deposition? (also by Brigham Cluff)

Deposition Training for Witnesses

Here’s a clip from a longer video, but what the clip contains is good:

How to Give Testimony on the Witness Stand

Deposition Prep 101

Attorney Steve’s Ultimate Deposition Tips

BONUS: here is the link to my deposition preparation guide: Cool as a Cucumber

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