Can people with few assets and no children really do their own divorce?


And I’m a man who makes his living as a divorce lawyer.

You would think I’d be one of the last people to tell you that there are many situations where a couple can handle and process their divorce without hiring an attorney. That’s because most divorce lawyers 1) are scared of people not hiring them; and 2) delude themselves into believing they are indispensable to the divorce process.

Truthfully, there are many situations where a do-it-yourself (DIY) divorce would be a terrible mistake: lots of money/assets, lots of debts/liabilities, a spouse who wants to deprive you of your custody and care of and relationship with your kids.

But if a couple:

  • has few assets (or assets they don’t mind getting swindled over or walking away from)
  • no children
  • AND no major debts (or debts that one of them can handle if he/she gets stuck with them),
  • does not consist of a spouse who is financially dependent on the other

a DIY divorce is not only doable and inexpensive, but a safe choice.

In Utah where I practice divorce law, the court system offers the free use of an online, step-by-step service that will provide you with rudimentary education about the divorce process and enables you to prepare all of the court documents you need for a DIY divorce. Go to these links to access the website:

Online Court Assistance Program (OCAP)

Utah Courts – Divorce

If you don’t live in Utah, it’s likely your state offers a similar service, either through state government services or, at the very least, through commercial offerings that cost much less than an attorney. Just one thing: buyer beware. Not all DIY divorce sites and forms are created equal. Make sure you get your money’s worth by shopping around and identifying the minimal level of quality and completeness you need.

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