As an attorney, what was your favorite case and how did it go down?

Winning the argument over whether the children of a divorcing couple should bear their father’s last name, after the husband refused to believe he was the children’s (they were twins) father when his wife announced to him that she was pregnant, after he initiated divorce proceedings against, after refused to come to the hospital for their birth (after the wife was LifeFlighted to the hospital), and after the mother filled out the birth certificate giving the children her last name.

Believe it or not, the husband was incensed that his wife would not give the children (children that, mind you, he didn’t even believe he’d fathered) his last name.

So he sued her over it. His attorney was convinced they’d win. His attorney called the mother and me some of the worst people in the world and said (I remember this well) that he’d “laugh like hell when the judge rules in our favor.”

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