New court rule for Utah divorce cases

The Utah Supreme Court has adopted a new effective date for newly created rule 109 of the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure. The rule was formerly effective May 1, 2019, but is now effective November 1, 2019. This new November 2019 date will accommodate programming changes necessary to effectuate the rule’s purposes.

The new rule 109 is entitled “Injunction in certain domestic relations cases.” It provides that in certain domestic relations cases, an injunction will enter upon the filing of the case. Its provisions address areas such as disposing of property, disturbing the peace of the other party, committing domestic violence, using the other party’s identification to obtain credit, interfering with telephone or utility service, modifying insurance, and behavior around the minor children. The injunction is binding on the petitioner upon filing the initial petition and on the respondent after the filing of the initial petition and upon receipt of a signed copy of the injunction as entered by the court.

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