Is it good for my marriage if we live with my mother in law?

Not necessarily.

While it may not be common in the U.S.A. for adult married children to live with their parents or their parents to live with their adult married children, in many other cultures it is common, acceptable, and even considered sensible and honorable for multiple generations to live under the same roof with each other.

Even in the U.S., it is quite common for a widowed mother to live in the same household with her son or daughter who is married, so that the son or daughter can provide support and care for the widowed mother, who may also be elderly, in poverty, and/or in declining health and thus in need of financial support and physical care. in these circumstances, having your mother-in-law live with you may be a moral imperative.

Still, if there is so much friction between you and your mother-in-law as to make living together under the same roof miserable for everyone, then having your mother-in-law live with you and your spouse could be more trouble than it is worth. this is unfortunate when such circumstances arise, because the mother-in-law may really need the help that living with you provides. If you simply don’t like the idea of your mother-in-law living with you, you may need to sacrifice your personal desires for the greater good until your mother-in-law either moves out of her own accord or dies of old age.

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