How does divorce affect you socially and mentally?

You will likely be (or feel like) a pariah for a while. You probably anticipated it, but it will still hit you harder that you expected and in ways you didn’t expect. Know that this too shall pass.

Many of your friends (or those you thought were friends) will avoid you—some because they’re unsure of how to treat you, others because they are disappointed in you. Try to understand and to forgive them.

Don’t be afraid to lean on your true friends at a time like this, if and when you need to. New friends will come into your life to fill the void left by those you lost. Be warned: many people know you’re vulnerable and some will try to take advantage of you, if you let them. Don’t let your need for new friends cloud your judgment as to what a real friend is and does.

You may question the foundations of virtually everything you know and believe. Keep things in perspective. The universe is not conspiring against you, God has not forgotten you, although it feels that way at times (a lot of times). You are not the first person to experience tribulation and trauma and you won’t be the last. Others have suffered worse and come out on the other side still able to function normally and to be happy. You can too. This too shall pass.

You may forget that it took a few years for you to adjust to married life and parenthood. And it wasn’t easy. Nor was it a daily ordeal. It will take you a few years to adjust to divorce and to single life again. This time will have its share of ups and downs. Forewarned is forearmed. You have made adjustments before. You can and will make adjustments again. Take it one day at a time.

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