Do I need a separate room for my daughter?

As a single father I can only afford a one bedroom apartment for me and daughter, what alternatives do we have?

Most courts will not penalize you for having a small residence. Most courts won’t penalize you for you and your daughter sharing a room (especially if she is not a teenager), but some courts will expect you to provide her with her own room when she reaches puberty, so that she will have privacy to dress and groom herself.

While it might make things a little easier on you if you could get a two-bedroom residence As long as your residence is clean and up to code, it does not have to have two bedrooms for you and for your daughter. As others on this thread have commented, you can manage without a bedroom of your own by sleeping on a sofa bed, keeping your clothes that need a closet in a hall closet, and storing your other clothes in a chest of drawers in the living room that looks like an entertainment center (go ahead and place the TV on top).

You’re doing the best you can. That’s all that can be expected of you. Unless they cite you to a statute or court order that applies to you and your daughter, don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot exercise custody of your daughter without having a two-bedroom residence.

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