Have you ever told a client he/she would be better off settling a case, only for the client to take the case to trial anyway?

Yes, and most of the time when a client decides to take a case to trial over a client’s advice the client does worse than he/she would have if he/she had taken the settlement offer.

But not always.

Which is why it’s so tempting to a client (and I’ve been a client myself) to believe the his/her case is the exception that will win at trial. I get it. I’ve been there. But the odds are that if you have a good lawyer and that lawyer advises you to settle, your lawyer’s advice is sound.

And a good lawyer won’t be offended if his/her client seeks a second or third opinion on whether to take the case to trial or settle, nor will a good lawyer be too proud to acknowledge that the second or third opinion is superior to his/her advice, if and when that second or third opinion turns out to be a better idea than settling.

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