My ex told me I can’t post videos of our children on my social media. What can I do?

I’m a mother of 3. The father has custody and I have visits and overnights. The father told me not to post videos of our children on my social media, such as Facebook and YouTube. What can I do?

You want, of course, to ensure that you co-parent with the children’s father as best you can. And you want, of course, to protect your children.

As in a marriage, as well as in a divorce or where the parents were never married, the parents still have to work together to reach agreements on how their children are reared.

Whether you post photographs of your children on social media is an issue that arises between parents, both married and divorced. Some parents fear that showing photographs of their children on social media may expose them to risk of harm. Others feel that sharing mirror photographs and not intimate details of the children’s activities and schedules will likely do no harm.

At this point in time, I tend to side with parents who feel there’s nothing wrong with posting a few photographs of children on social media. Telling people exactly where and when and how the children go about their daily schedule it seemed prudent, but simply showing a few photographs on social media can’t harm anybody.

So I would make sure that I’m not posting too many details about my kids on social media, I’d make sure the photographs are the such that they aren’t placing the children at risk of being abducted or harmed in some way. I would also speak with the other parent to find out what he feels are appropriate limits and restrictions. another thing I would do is share photographs privately as opposed to publicly whenever appropriate.

If the children’s father tries to tell you that he can control whether you post a few innocent photographs of your children on social media, he is wrong. Well, I should say that he is wrong unless the court has ordered you previously not to post photographs of your children on social media. But unless you’re ordered not to post photos or videos, I wouldn’t let anyone try to dictate how when and where I post photographs on my social media account, as long as I do so responsibly.

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