We Can Work It Out

Could a prolonged lack of exercise exacerbate anxieties and stress, even cause them to accumulate? Could this ultimately result in increased marital conflict? Is your husband angry and/or aggressive? Exercise may help.

Many relationships end due in part to unmanaged anxieties and stress, which these people could perhaps manage (even easily manage) through exercise, particularly for men. I know that throughout my personal relationships I would often become easily irritated by little things that my spouse did (or didn’t do). After several such incidents my wife suggested I go run, ride my bike, skip rope, or hit the gym. I didn’t want to. But the immediate results were always beneficial; I would come home relaxed and more contented. The anger and aggression had been literally worked out of me.

Is your husband (or wife) irritable and/or aggressive? Suggest that a workout and then see how your spouse feels and acts. It’s a simple step, but worth taking. Try it.

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