What movie or TV show really portrays lawyers accurately?

For lawyers, paralegals and judges, what’s a movie or TV show that really gets it right in portraying what you see on the job?

No TV or movie that people actually like to watch can fully portray the authentic practice of law because the authentic practice of law is (despite the occasional “truth is stranger than fiction” events we experience) nowhere near as exciting or glorious as it is portrayed on TV and in the movies.

The TV show that most realistically portrays the practice of law is, in my opinion, Law & Order (the original, not any of the spin-offs), and when I say “most realistic” I mean that it’s 20% accurate compared to the 10% accuracy of other shows.

So kids, if the portrayal of lawyers and judges on TV has inspired you to become a lawyer, you’re in for a rude awakening.

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