Do judges get angry at “dead beat dads” who aren’t biological fathers?

Do judges get angry at supposed “dead beat” dads who are not the biological father and refuse to pay child support for a kid that is not theirs?

Occasionally. There are some well-publicized instances of men who can prove they are not a child’s father who have still been adjudicated the father of the child or ordered to pay child support (often times it’s because the father did not respond to a legal action in which he was alleged to be the child’s father, and so the mother or the state that sued him obtained a judgment by default against him). Later on, these men prove by DNA testing that they are not the child’s father. Some judges nevertheless chastise such men if they refuse to pay child support as ordered. It’s rather silly, but it is “legal”.

Judges are expected not to express their personal feelings and opinions on the issues in the cases they adjudicate, or if they do, to do so sparingly and for a legitimate purpose, not just to vent at the people whose words or actions they dislike.

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