Do I have to keep paying child support if our child doesn’t live with the other parent?


My daughter turns 18 in the middle of September.  I just recently learned that her mom moved away a couple of months ago leaving my daughter to live with her mother’s boyfriend, then my daughter just moved out of her mother’s boyfriends and into a friend’s house.

In the state of Utah, am I still obligated to pay child support after the child is no longer living with the custodial parent after she’s 18 but before she graduates?


You can seek a modification of the child support award if the child is no longer residing with the parent to whom you were ordered to pay child support.

You have two options for seeking a modification:

  • administratively through the Office of Recovery Services (ORS); or
  • you can file a petition to modify the child support order through the district court.

Consult an attorney to find out how to exercise either option and to determine what option may be best for you.

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