What are you tired of explaining when it comes to lawyers?

Nothing. When I am tempted to feel irritated over the questions people ask about lawyers and legal matters, I remember that the questions–though recurring–aren’t being asked by the same person over and over again, but are coming from different people who are asking them for the first time.

What I do find irritating are client gripes masquerading as questions that start with “I don’t understand….”

For example, the client knows why the case is taking as long as it is taking, why the client’s case is weak, why the fees are as high as they are, etc., but believes that by feigning ignorance and saying “I don’t understand…” it all falls on my shoulders to “fix” problems (free of charge, of course) that are not of my creation and/or not within my power to control.

If you are frustrated and anxious about your case, just come clean to your lawyer about it. If your lawyer is a good one, he or she will be much more responsive to candor than if you cloak your fears and concerns with “I don’t understand” statements.

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