Will Kim Kardashian will be taken seriously if she becomes a lawyer?

Do you think Kim Kardashian will be taken seriously if she passes the bar exam and becomes a lawyer?

No (at least not at first), but I don’t think she cares. I wouldn’t, if I were in her shoes.

If Kim Kardashian legitimately passes the bar examination, she will likely (and unfortunately) face a lot of skepticism from the judges before whom she will appear. That’s not right, but that’s life.

If Kim Kardashian comports herself well in court and demonstrates at least a minimally competent knowledge of the law and rules of court, then she should be treated fairly by most courts.

There may be some judges who will have a problem with Kim Kardashian (because of her beauty, her wealth, her fame, her privilege, her reputation as being a bubble head, etc.) and who will therefore treat her with prejudice. There are already judges who do this with other lawyers and litigants who cannot get a fair shake before such judges because of the judges’ personal animus toward these lawyers and litigants. Human nature being what it is, and Kim Kardashian, being who she is, will likely encounter more prejudice, bias, and animus than would a lawyer who is not beautiful, rich, and famous.

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