Would/did you sign a prenup when you got married?

I did not.

I generally do not favor young couples marrying for the first time making and signing prenuptial agreements.

Here is why:

Does signing a prenup change the relationship between a couple?

What is the easiest way to convince your fiancé to agree a prenup?

Would most people who are planning to get married do better if they got a prenup?

Is it necessary to ask your other partner to sign a prenup if you want your property to solely belong to you only?

Does it affect a relationship if just before marriage, your partner and a lawyer bring you papers to sign a prenupcial agreement? What would you do?

Do you believe a prenuptial agreement and real love between two people are mutually exclusive?

Do regular people who earn average incomes sign prenuptial agreements?

Can a prenup dictate that a reflection time is required before divorce?

Why would anyone go into marriage without a prenup?

How do people generally react if asked to sign a prenuptial agreement?

Why are prenuptial agreements not required for all marriages prior to getting a marriage license since divorces are about dividing assets and determining child custody/support? Wouldn’t this help make divorces easier and help avoid doomed marriages?

Does having a prenup demonstrate lack of trust in your future marriage?

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