Is it advantageous to lie and sling mud at the other parent to win custody?

Today’s question is: Is it advantageous for the father to file with the court a 2 page document of fabricated lies about mother in a child custody battle as part of the ‘arsenals’ used to win a custody battle and prove mother is unfit?


My answer: If a parent has no conscience and believes he/she can get away with lying to the court to gain an unfair advantage for cheap or free of charge, then of course it’s advantageous and of course that morally bankrupt parent will try it. Such parents do it all the time. Courts are duped by such parents with an embarrassingly high level of success. In some settings, slinging mud is counterproductive, but if one is a skilled defamer, lying about a parent’s parental fitness or unfitness is quite effective and offers a high return on investment of time, effort, and (as I stated above) money, if any is spent at all. It makes sense: if lying to the judge weren’t so effective, people wouldn’t lie to the judge. 


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