Do you agree with the decision to temporarily take custody from an ER doctor’s child due to potential exposure to COVID-19?

Do you think it’s fair that a judge temporarily stripped Dr. Theresa Greene, of North Miami, of custody of her 4-year-old daughter because the doctor works with COVID-19 patients?

Do you agree or disagree with the decision of Circuit Court Judge Bernard Shapiro to temporarily take away custody of an ER doctor’s child, and give her ex-husband full temporary custody, due to the potential her child could be exposed to COVID-19?

I disagree with Judge Shapiro.

Up front I acknowledge that reasonable minds can differ on whether Judge Shapiro made the correct decision (I think it’s more reasonable not to rule as he did). And I don’t know all the facts but having been a divorce and family law attorney for the past 23 years, on its face this has the look and smell of a parent seeking to exploit COVID-19 worries for self-serving purposes, not for the protection of the children.

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