COVID-19 just created a buyer’s market, if you need an attorney

COVID-19 just created a buyer’s market, if you need an attorney.

The Utah legal market for lawyers of every kind will soon be a big-time buyer’s market. Why? The Utah Supreme Court issued an order April 21, 2020 “that the Bar Examination passage requirement be modified on an emergency basis for certain eligible Qualified Candidates” in consideration of the fact that administering the July 2020 bar exam would be effectively impossible due to the public health worries surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19). The Utah Supreme Court order provides that “Qualified Candidates who meet all the requirements of subsection II(b) by no later than December 31, 2020, shall be admitted to the Utah Bar without passing the Utah Bar Examination. This admission will be effected as soon as practically possible.”

This is great news if you want to hire a lawyer at prices you’d never have seen before. Buyer beware, of course.

While I really do hope that this brings about more competition, more competence, lower prices (not lower quality), fosters more innovative improvements to the profession, and results in more overall value for the client’s dollar, I won’t be holding my breath. Prove me wrong, 2020 graduates, please, please prove me wrong.

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