Are all lawyers super poor?

Are all lawyers super poor?

No, but lawyers aren’t as rich as popular culture believes.

I think I can speak for all lawyers when I tell you that one thing almost all of us resent is when people come to us asking for free or for steeply discounted services in the belief that we have so much money that we can afford to provide such services. We can’t.

You wouldn’t go to a restaurant or grocery store and tell the owner, “I’m short on money and need these groceries and so because of that, may I have this food for free?” It’s no different with professionals. Yes, we charge way more than a sack of groceries costs, but our overhead and operating costs are a huge part of the cost of legal services, a fact many people overlook.

With the exception of a few areas of practice (areas the average citizen will never have need of), our profit margins are thin, just like other businesses’.

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