Why is my lawyer ignoring me?

Why is my lawyer ignoring me?

There are many possible reasons. Lawyers are notorious for being hard to reach and for being unresponsive and nonresponsive.

If you aren’t paying your lawyer, don’t be surprised if you’re being ignored and don’t wonder why.

But if you are paying your lawyer (in full and on time), there are still many possible (common) reasons could include, in descending order of the most likely explanations:

  1. Your lawyer has way too many open cases and has thus rendered himself or herself unable to give you and your case the attention they both require.
  2. Your lawyer is incompetent, and so your lawyer avoids your calls and emails to avoid having to do hard work and/or give you bad news about how he or she has screwed up.
  3. Your lawyer is lazy and thus does not respond to you in a timely manner.
  4. Your lawyer doesn’t care about your case enough to give it the attention it requires.

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