What is being a single parent without joint custody like in your country?

If a loving, able parent (i.e., a fit parent who lives in close enough proximity to the child(ren)’s other parent such that joint legal and physical custody does not work a genuine hardship on the children) would like nothing more than to be as involved in the rearing of his/her children as the other parent is denied that opportunity, then being a single parent who has not been awarded joint equal custody of his/her child(ren) is inexcusably, unjustifiably sad. Period. This is an absolutely true statement that is not subject to any qualification.

Clearly, if one of the parents abuses and/or neglect the child, if that parent does not care for that child in the temporal or emotional sense, then that is a parent who is clearly not worthy of a joint equal physical custody award, and that is a child who doesn’t deserve to be in the care and custody of such a parent half the time, perhaps none of the time.

But it is tragically absurd to deny a child the benefits of—nay, the right to—being reared equally by two equally fit and loving parents.

If you are a fit and loving parent who wants to be as much a parent to your children as you want the other parent to be, and if you believe the court endorses your position, odds are you are incorrect, if you and your children reside in the United States of America (and I’m sure this is true for most jurisdictions as well, although I have no experience in other jurisdictions and base my opinion upon the reading I do about other jurisdictions on the subject of child custody awards).

While it is true that joint equal custody is being awarded more than ever, it is still extraordinarily difficult for parents to get in most states. If anyone tells you otherwise, take his or her comments with a grain of salt. Don’t let your hopes for joint equal custody lull you into a sense of complacency.

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