Should a child whose rights are not protected be held accountable?

If one’s rights are not protected, then one’s rights are being denied. And one whose rights are not protected cannot, in one sense, be held accountable/responsible for his/her exercise of those rights, if for no other reason than that one cannot be held responsible for the wrongful exercise of rights that are denied, nor should one feel “irresponsible” for exercising or trying to exercise his/her rights that are being denied. On the other hand, just because one’s rights are not being protected and/or are being denied does not mean that one is free to try to exercise his/her rights irresponsibly. If the government is denying your rights or some of your rights or denying you of your rights sometimes, that doesn’t entitle you to exercise or try to exercise your rights in an irresponsible manner. It may, however, entitle you (perhaps even obligate you) to overthrow the bad government.  

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