Pro-fairness and Pro-child

Pro-fairness and Pro-child

Recently, public service YouTube channel I run (UFTLV – Utah Family Law TV – not run by or run to support Utah Family Law, LC) received a comment on this video:

Do you think it’s fair that Brad Pitt got joint custody of his kids?

The comment:

“I’m pretty convinced this channel is a pro fathers [sic] rights movement channel. Its [sic] not surprising at all he got joint custody. Its [sic] an automatic presumption nowadays for mother and father to share joint custody.

My response follows below:

Thank you so much for watching and for commenting. You are mistaken on both counts. 1) This is not a pro-father’s rights channel (nor is it a “pro-mother’s rights” channel). It is a pro-fairness, pro-child, pro-due process, and pro-common sense channel. 2) It is not automatically presumed everywhere that child custody will be awarded to both parents on a joint custody basis.

1) For generations mothers were (and still remain in most jurisdictions) presumed to be “the better parent” simply by virtue of their being mothers/women, without evaluating the parental fitness of each parent to determine whether the children would be best served by a sole or joint child custody award. It was (and still is in many jurisdictions) believed that children need to spend more time in their mothers’ care than in their fathers’ care, even if and when the father is ready, willing, and able to share joint equal custody of the children.

2) While there are more and more states in the U.S. passing laws that presume the parents will be awarded joint legal and joint physical custody of their children, many states have no such presumption and many states still treat fathers as second class parents when it comes to making the child custody award. I myself have been told by a judge just this year that “it’s not the quantity of time the children spend with their father but the quality that matters.” But quality of time parents and children spend together is a factor of quantity. Where both parents are fit parents, the “best parent” is both parents. Children deserve no less than joint equal custody in such situations. Fit parents deserve no less as well.

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