Is filing for divorce altogether worth it despite the high cost and heavy emotional toll?

There are clearly circumstances that not only justify but may even necessitate a divorce. No one is bound to remain married too someone who threatens one’s life or physical safety with a life or physical safety of one’s children. No one is required to remain married to someone whose spouse causes one severe mental or emotional anguish. When divorce is a matter of life and death, most people consider the cost and heavy emotional toll to be worth paying. 

Many people divorce believing that the cause of their unhappiness or dissatisfaction or even depression is their spouse. Many of these people have an idealistic, unrealistic expectation of what a spouse should be and how a spouse should behave. Many people believe that if their spouses are not perfect, they are not worth living with. People who think like this and get divorce learn, too late unfortunately, that no spouse is perfect and that it is rather hypocritical for imperfect people to expect their spouses to be perfect. People who divorce under these circumstances are the ones who not only regret losing the companionship of a good and decent (though not perfect) person, and often pay a lifelong emotional (and often financial) price for their mistake. 

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