Law from a legal assistant’s point of view, week 10: Divorce

By Quinton Lister, Legal Assistant 

I think most of the observations I am having as a new legal assistant are not groundbreaking, but my boss and I are learning that readers who are contemplating or going through divorce really like the observations of someone new to all of this because they have thoughts and feelings similar to mine, and for the same reasons—it’s all new to them, it’s all new to me.  

Most of my observations expressed in my blog posts are driving home points that I already knew at least something about in some respect. For instance, divorce is hard!  

That is not a unique observation, even those who have ever only heard of accounts of divorce can tell you that.  

I have heard plenty of jokes about ex-wives and ex-husbands. I have heard statistics about how about half of the marriages in the United States end in divorce, but even then, only working with someone going through divorce (which I get to do each day, with many clients each day, through my work) is causing me to learn to a greater extent how hard divorce really is. 

Divorce is sad, angering, burdensome, expensive, and heartbreaking. It not only affects the lives of those involved in the divorce, but extended family members, friends, co-workers, and more.  

Consequently, one thing that I understand much better after about 2 ½ months on the job is why people are so often in a bad mood (or worse) when I call them with news or with requests regarding the divorce action. Whether it be a client, another law office, or a court clerk, a call or email from me is usually (not always, but usually) bad news.  

See what misery people go through in most divorce cases causes me to see my own trials and challenges differently. Frankly, I am grateful I am not going through divorce myself. Though it is not easy getting on the phone at times with a client whose nerves are frayed and/or who’s been dealt another unfair blow, I would rather do that than experience some of the things I see clients and others going through. I am glad when I can be of service to them by doing my job effectively. Even though it may be painful in the moment, it’s good when I can spare some pain in the long run. 

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