How do I best explain to my daughters that I am divorcing their stepmom?

What is the best way for me to explain to my 3 daughters that the reason in which I am divorcing their Assistant Prosecutor stepmother is because I wouldn’t let her legally adopt them and that I had an affair with one of her former friend’s?

I realize that there may be more to your question and its context than the question itself may indicate. I realize you may or may not be the only one to blame for the deterioration of your marriage. 

Do right by both your children and your wife. Resist the temptation to “correct” one mistake by making others in an effort to cover for past wrongs you have committed. 

I’d speak with a good (a good) psychologist or qualified counselor to help me confront how and why I came to this point and how my family did. I’d seek some help to understand what I should do going forward and why I should do so, how I should and can take responsibility for my actions in the past and for the future. 

I’d speak with a good (a good) child psychologist to gain an understanding of how to break this kind of news to your children and how to discuss any questions your children may have. 

I’d speak with my pastor or priest (or whoever your religious leader may be) to get some guidance as well. 

I’d be sure to be honest with my children, in a way that is sensitive to their age and maturity and needs. 

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