Do courts penalize working parents?

Why do the courts give full custody to a parent who refuses to work but yet reduces custody of the working parent, saying they work too much?

In the belief that a parent who does not work outside the home is in a better position to take care of the child(ren) because it is presumed (rarely, if ever, proven) that the stay-at-home parent does not neglect the children at home.

As you implied, the parent who was the sole or primary breadwinner is far too often penalized based on the presumption (rarely, if ever, proven) that having a job renders that parent unable to provide adequate personal care, attention, and supervision of the children for the amount of time that parent seeks with the child(ren).

But if a parent with a job works so many hours and/or works a schedule that is simply not conducive to exercising joint custody of the children, that parent can’t get upset if the court takes that into account when crafting child custody award that does not award joint custody.

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