Does greed also have a role in most divorce cases?

In my experience, yes, in most cases. Not all cases, but most cases. And there are varying degrees of greed reflected in the way people approach their divorce cases. Some people get a little greedy (a greed born of fear that they will be destitute if they don’t nail down what they can now), some people are shamelessly greedy (no bounds to an irrational, indefensible desire for as much as they can get their hands on well beyond need).

This is why it is important to understand the laws that govern who is entitled to alimony and in what amounts. Knowing these things helps you better determine the likelihood of whether alimony will be awarded and if so, how much for how long. You can research these laws online and that’s better than nothing, but I wouldn’t rely on what you’ve learned on your own. Talk to an attorney too. After you have done your research (and do the research, so that you have both 1) a baseline understanding and 2) a better ability to determine how well your attorney understands alimony law for your jurisdiction), talk to your attorney about it (if you hired an attorney), and if you don’t plan on hiring an attorney* to represent you in your divorce, schedule a consultation with an attorney to discuss this (don’t schedule a free consultation, those are just sales pitches, and you likely won’t learn much or be given much of the attorney’s time either).

*Some people truly cannot afford an attorney in their divorce action. The rest of you not only can afford one, but you’d be fools not to avail yourself of the help a good attorney will be to you. If you believe that divorce law is straightforward and common-sensical, you are woefully mistaken. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish when it comes to getting legal representation in your divorce action. With the exception of people who have no children and no assets and simply go their separate ways, cutting all ties to each other in the process, a DIY divorce is a terrible idea. Ask anyone who tried to go it alone in his/her divorce whether he/she thinks it was the right course of action.

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