What is the percentage of people who commit/are prosecuted for perjury?

What percentage of people lie while under oath in a courtroom, and how often does someone get prosecuted for perjury? 

Re: What percentage of people lie under oath in a courtroom: 

  • If anyone knows this, I don’t know who he/she/they is/are.  
  • If such statistics could accurately be obtained, I don’t know how they could be.  
  • As with so many things, what constitutes “a lie” is not as cut and dried as it may seem, even to intellectual people. 
  • If accurate statistics do exist, I’m sure most in the legal system don’t want anyone to know about them because I’d bet that if such statistics exist they are not flattering to the legal system.
    • I’m not sure how much we can blame the courts for “failing” to catch lies, however, given that no one is infallible and nobody is capable of detecting lies more than roughly 50% of the time* 

Re: How often someone who committed perjury is prosecuted for perjury: 

  • very rarely 

*Sender Demeanor: Individual Differences in Sender Believability Have a Powerful Impact on Deception Detection Judgments 

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