Law from a legal assistant’s point of view, week 23: Injustice

By Quinton Lister, legal assistant

My blog post from this last week has got me thinking about the idea of injustice.  

So many issues in life are unfair. Even in a democratic republic like the United States of America, there has been a history of injustice and unfairness to so many despite the unparalleled freedom America provides and protects.  

But no system is perfect. That’s not just being trite, it is a profound reality. Externalities exist in this world because it is imperfect. Every good idea also has negative externalities or consequences.  

I do not deny bias and injustice exist. Even under the rule of law they still exist. But there is more and better justice than under the rule of a dictator or a tyrant.  

Still, how do we prevent and mitigate injustice? One way is to acknowledge injustice. We investigate it and we seek to understand it before we can take steps to resolve the problem itself. 

We also need to know what justice is and is not. We need to know the limits of earthly justice (and mercy).  

We need to be willing to change our beliefs and actions when they cause or foster injustice.  

We need to be people who desire justice and seek to be just ourselves, even when (especially when) justice may burden or injure us personally.   

In short, preventing injustice is a matter of personal responsibility. Only when people are committed to making a change in themselves can we hope that society (and the systems we have set up in society) will change. When people take responsibility to truly change for the better, society, which is the creation of the people, will have no choice but to follow. 

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